When I was a lad, real men didn’t write poetry about their gluten intolerance issues or go to crying groups to get in touch with their feminine sides. They still don’t, I hope, and I don’t think many women do either, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a good portion of city boys these days were involved in similarly ridiculous self-emasculation endeavours. So many of the “males” living in “progressive” cities in the western world these days are hardcore, beta, soy-boys. Ummm, maybe hardcore isn’t a word that can be used in connection with these soft, weak little wimps.

What unfortunate series of events has led to this rapid demise of masculinity?

It’s pretty obvious to anyone with the patience to study a bit of history and the intelligence to understand some of it. But if you ask any uber-vegan, man-despising, left-wing, social-justice nut-job, all masculinity is toxic and should be eradicated.

Since when did anyone start caring about what a few fringe lunatics have to say about such things, though? Why all of a sudden are the opinions of a few mentally-ill extremists driving the misguided engine of modern western social policy? Pretty clever trick.

The systematic dismantling of “democratic” societies into the polarized insanity we see today is no accident. It’s the result of intentional, targeted attacks on the peoples of what was once referred to as the “free” world. It’s never been free, or truly democratic, not by a long shot, but for a short time, it was most likely the best social system of modern times. It definitely could have been, with a bit more time and effort. But it obviously became too much of a threat to… whoever, and needed to be destroyed. Many of us are showing our ingratitude for that system by playing a part in its demise.

Operation “Crush All Illusions of Freedom and Human Evolution” looks like it’s shaping up to be a smashing success.

Does anyone care to stop it?

One development arising from all this nonsense, at least for us men not ashamed to be men, is that it’s almost effortless to be the alpha in any given group of males nowadays. Especially among young males who’ve been brainwashed by hand-held enslavement devices since they were old enough to sit down for a pee on their own. But this ease with which one can claim the alpha spot can be a bit of a double-edged sword.

Back in the days when manliness was actually a desirable trait, becoming the alpha was undoubtedly much tougher. Challengers for the title often had to hack at each other with sharp things, or meet up at high-noon for a showdown, or bash away at each other until someone fell down and stayed down long enough to erase any doubt as to who the victor was. The competition was fierce.

In our era of mentally, emotionally, and very often physically soft “men”, one need only throw an aggressive stare or merely suggest physical confrontation to claim the alpha crown. Competition is either non-existent or it’s rather pathetic. Any possible alpha challenger who hides behind the eye-bulging, vitriolic, woke-inspired courage of a gaggle of unwashed, pseudo-feminist extremists at the first hint of actual violence wasn’t likely to put up much of a fight anyway.

Because such scenarios are commonplace in modern society, it means that even the alphas are getting softer and weaker.

The meanest alpha of today would almost definitely have their ass handed to them in a dust-up with any average blue-collar gent from all previous generations.

Go ahead, pick a fight with a tough sixty-year-old and see how many teeth you have left at breakfast tomorrow. Most of those dudes would slap a beta male stupid-er with virtually no effort, if they could catch them, or if they managed to get through the crowd of hysterical, woke, gender-confused lunatics protecting… him/it/them?

The best way for a real man to find a challenge these days is to make one or find one.

Join a “real” gym (one with heavy iron, concrete walls, and people who are sweating and struggling) or martial arts club, climb mountains in the snow and rain, kill an animal with a bow and cook it over a fire in the wilderness, learn to sail or rebuild an internal-combustion engine. How about get the fuck off your doughy ass, put the computer away, check if you still have balls, and if you do, that they’re still yours and not being held hostage by some psycho who hates you for being born with a dick and not cutting it off, and go outside.

Shit that real men do.

To all the real men out there who can relate, and to anyone trying to tread the man-path, or to anyone else with real interest, being proud to be a male doesn’t mean being an uncultured, rude, violent, sexist pig. At least not often. Shitty, abusive, lowlife scum do exist, though, unfortunately. There are far too many of them, but they’re the ignorant and broken products of a world that’s been lost for ages. They aren’t the kind of men any well-adjusted person admires. And certainly not all men fit that bill.

A real man holds the door open for everyone, is polite and nice (unless it’s unavoidable to be otherwise), treats his woman like a goddess, treats all females with care and respect (unless they make that an impossible task), helps lost puppies, never hurts kids, and stands up for what’s right, among many other things. A real man is a benefit to the world and should be held in high esteem. We need more of them. Desperately, before it’s too late.

Many of us old-fashioned types know this, but too many young people have been poisoned by an unhealthy, unrealistic belief that all men are scum. Put any bad idea into the minds of loud, stupid, woke idiots and they’ll help destroy themselves and any young generation you point them at. Hell, many of those stupid, woke idiots are our young generation, so it obviously works.

Regardless of what any group of ignorant puppets may be easily brainwashed into believing, masculinity is not the enemy, the people trying to destroy it are. Why are none of the brainless, torch-waving puppets able to figure that out, and why are the dumbest people always the surest of their ridiculous causes? Hmmm, maybe it’s because they’re stupid. They don’t have the intelligence to ask questions.

I realize this, but it’s still frustrating to watch.

Think about it, idiots, if masculinity gets washed out of our society completely, who’s going to protect you weak and lost dummies from those who want us all dead or enslaved? And they do.

It won’t be the rainbow-haired, vegan wimp (not all vegans are wimps) with absolutely zero survival skills. It won’t be the hateful, raving “feminist” (real feminists are awesome) who couldn’t find north to save her life. And it definitely won’t be the gender-confused pronoun who’s probably never considered anything outside the confines of their own lost little mind.

It’s a grim picture, but with all the real men gone, these will be the people populating the camps. Er, I mean… Utopia. Is that what we want?

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