With the recent wave of “politically correct”, woke lunatics hijacking everything they can lay claim to, professing to be a hetero white man who loves big girls might mistakenly paint a picture of some simpering, gender-fluid (whatever the fuck that means), rainbow-haired, beta-boy. Nope. Not this guy. I just like fat chicks, and I always have.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve found big women attractive. I think I was three when I saw one of my mom’s voluptuous, BBW friends swimming naked in the river. I knew even then, that to me, big girls were my thing. Luckily you can get away with staring when you’re three.

Since that time, nothing has changed. I love fat ladies (fat doesn’t have to be a bad word), and I’m sick and tired of having to justify my preference for thick chicks or tell fat-haters to shut their pie-holes.

Why do I like the big girls? Because I do. The “why” is of absolutely zero significance to me. Why do some people like strawberry ice cream as opposed to chocolate or vanilla? Why does the earth rotate around the sun? How is a rainbow made? How exactly does the posi-track rear end on a Plymouth work? I don’t know, it just does.

In some cultures, being attracted to big girls is perfectly fine and acceptable, but in mine, not so much. Being a lover of big girls in white, western culture has been sort of a pain in the ass. Especially going through puberty in the eighties (arguably the scrawniest decade after the sixties). Thankfully there were enough Playboy magazines from the ’70s still kicking around to help me through that trying time. They had no stunners like Sofia Rose or Mary Boberry, but more curves than most.

It’s a good thing I decided not to care very much what others thought about me at a young age. I did/do care somewhat (I am a semi-social human-animal whether I’d like to think so or not), but I’ve pretty much always done what I want anyway. I’m definitely no woke, left-wing, flag-waver for whatever oppressed group gets me the most attention. And I’m not someone who hates anybody that disagrees with my opinions, but why should my attraction to big girls paint a target on my back for unhinged haters who disagree with what I find sexy?

Big Girls are Sexy!

Why do people feel it’s their right to have an opinion on what others find attractive? And what gives them the right to make negative or teasing comments about such things? Or to chubby women directly? And what in the fuck is wrong with people that think voluptuous, or curvy, or chubby, or BBW, or fat women, are ugly? Do they actually think that, or have they been programmed to? Are they jealous? Or threatened?

In my mind, it makes absolutely no sense.

At any rate, even if some people do find big girls unattractive, why is it okay to be an asshole about it? I do understand the pushback against the woke delusion that being six-hundred pounds isn’t an unhealthy weight for a human to carry around, but if someone is six-hundred pounds, is fine with that, and doesn’t pretend to be anything but what they are, who cares?

Personally, I don’t think this socially engineered hatred of big women is genuine. In fact, I know it isn’t. In many circles, after I express the fact that I love fat girls, at least half of the men that hear me say it eventually admit that they don’t mind big girls either. The pussies.

Get ten white guys mildly drunk and see how many of them turn away a fat girl with a pretty face. Maybe one. Perhaps two. And those ones only because they’re such a little bitches that they’re worried they’ll get teased if someone finds out.

It’s okay you sackless punk, I’ll take good care of her. And I’ll be proud if she tells everyone about it after. I hope she does.

This fat-hating social sickness is definitely directed far more toward women than men (the number of fat men I’ve heard talking shit about women being unattractive because they’re fat, is ridiculous), and society is fine with the double standard. No big surprise there. Fat guys do get teased, but not even close to the same extent that many societies hate squishy ladies.

The system is fucking broken. It’s time to discard it and build a new one.

I’m clearly not wired with the average white, western male brain. I’m far, far from being a woke, lefty, beta douche (I’d say I’m a slightly conservative but centrist, douche. What the definition of an actual libertarian used to be but isn’t anymore), but I’ve always felt out of place with my own kind. In almost every way.

Modern, white, western men believe that fat women are unattractive because that’s what they’ve been programmed to believe. And because they’ve never been with a big girl. If they had, they’d know better.

Until the early part of the twentieth century, a chubby woman was highly desirable. It was what men looked for in a potential mate. What changed so drastically?

Some non-western cultures are also guilty of fat-hating, but I don’t know enough about them to comment. What I do know for sure is that many African, African-American, Latin, Latin-American, Middle-Eastern (West Asian), and Indian people find soft, round, jiggly ladies very attractive. England has its share of chubby-lovers as well, even though it’s not “in fashion”. The same is true for Germany.

But if you’re fat and female, definitely avoid France and Italy. In France and Italy, they claim to like their women looking like ten-year-old boys, but then they cheat on them all the time (probably with chubby women). What would Freud have to say about that?

As far as I’m concerned, if you find a big, fat, jiggly ass, hanging boobs, cellulite, big thighs (the only thigh gap I like is when my head is between them), belly rolls, stretch marks, chubby arms and delightfully soft, plump, and inviting lady bits a turn-off, you probably like men. 

Haha! Kidding. Sort of. Men, or skinny girls.

My Idea of Positively Body Positive. What’s Not to Love?
BBW Babe

To be a bit serious though, I realize that there are many people who genuinely find skinny women attractive, and that’s just fine, this ain’t a skinny-bashing post, so I won’t bother. Ever. I have nothing shitty to say about slim women or the people that find them attractive. I really don’t care. And if I had negative thoughts about skinny women or the people that love them (I don’t), I’m not cunty enough to bash people solely for their physical appearances. What others find alluring is none of my concern. 

On the flip side of that coin, if I’m not attracted to thin ladies, that’s my business, and I would never presume to make it anyone else’s. I’m pefectly happy to keep it that way unless someone asks, so why the fuck is it anyone’s business that I’m down with fat women?

Not only “fat” women I suppose. But super curvy at the very least, right up to huge, as long as it’s all in the right places. 160 to 460 pounds is good by me. Literally. Right here, by me. Actually, I don’t care much about definite parameters for a woman’s measurements (welll… really wide hips and thick legs are sort of a must). A big girl with a big heart, a sharp (and freaky) mind, and real confidence is the sexiest. Lucky for me, my wife has all of those gifts.

As much of a trial that loving fat girls (in a culture where that’s just not on) has sometimes been, it’s been worth every moment. And if it’s occasionally been annoying for me to deal with the fools who find it acceptable to mock or disapprove, it’s way worse for the lovely ladies. That being said, to all you lads out there teetering on the fence about coming out of the chubby-loving closet, don’t be such pussies. Go for it.

Once you go fat, you’ll never go back.

More Lovely Ladies

To anyone who might think I’m just another white guy hopping aboard the chubby-loving train because it’s become more socially acceptable (one very promising advancement of recent history), realize this, I was one of the brave pioneers of the movement. And I don’t give a fuck about what’s socially acceptable. I never have. I’ve always been annoyed by trends; they only illustrate the fact that most people are mindless sheep. Whatever the current socially acceptable mood of the moment is, it’s generally something inanely insipid.

I’ve been loving large ladies since the eighties. I’ve been teased, mocked, insulted, and outcast by the most opinionated men ,and women (they’re the worst haters), of the skinny-only community. I’ve also been a source of wonderment and discussion for the more polite majority of that same social group. I’ve paid my dues.

To all of you delicious big girls, BBWs, plumpers, fat chicks, SSBBWs, etc, believe me when I tell you that there are way more chubby-loving men and women out there than you know. As for the rest of them (and their gym-rat, plastic Barbie girls), don’t let anyone make you feel inferior by giving them your consent to do so. Take no shit from anyone.

Haters aren’t well-adjusted, productive, confident people, and their unhealthy opinions about your weight shouldn’t be your concern.

Walk with your heads high, your thick thighs kissing each other with every jiggly step, and strut your sexy selves. And if you see this tall, well-dressed, well-endowed, fit guy looking away when you go by, it’s not because I don’t want to lick every lovely inch of you, it’s because I’m trying to avoid getting a hard-on in public.

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