Corruption, as defined by Merriam Webster a dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officers) b inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (such as bribery) c a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct.

Decay or decomposition are also among the definitions (such as the decay or decomposition of the human race (my words)).

In a world where corruption is king, everything is fair game as long as you get that money, and, often, the most lucrative business models are based entirely on creating the most enticing illusions. Fairly transparent, cheesy illusions at that (to anyone with even the tiniest measure of character or intelligence). Polished pictures of plastic people as they unconvincingly force false smiles by the rented pool, or images of photo-shopped phonies with flashy Ferraris, drowning in a sea of pseudo-success. Or some such tripe.

Give us your money, right now, and all that bullshit could be yours soon, maybe! But probably never.

For a low, low introductory fee, we can teach you how to click-funnel your own clueless clients into the same drop-shipping, social-media pyramid of multi-level mass-confusion we got you with. And after only a few hundred (thousand) sales, you too could be enjoying the same high level of opulence we advertise.

The rewards of corruption

Haha! Yeah right!

Anyway…the offer comes with a ten-second money back guarantee if we’re not completely satisfied we can get more from you. Actually, it doesn’t come with any guarantee whatsoever, but, whatever. You’d better sign up this instant or risk losing out on the biggest deal of your pathetic life. Remember, nobody ever got anywhere by not letting themselves be pressured into making ill-informed, insanely risky, highly impulsive, bad decisions.

All you have to do now is commit to the 120-month payment plan that gets you there.

Special offer! Expires yesterday.

Hmmmmm, a 120-month payment plan for a get rich quick scheme? Something isn’t quite adding up but I can’t put my finger on it. Well, ummm… aahhh… geez, I’m just so confused. But I don’t want anyone to know how out of my league and unsophisticated I am, so please, just take my card number and let me escape.

I hope nobody at the water-cooler ever finds out that I was gullible enough for another fast-talking stranger to trick me out of my money, again. Gosh! This getting rich quick thing has gotten rather expensive, and it’s taking a really long time.

Chalk up one more bamboozled customer and ring the bell. Celebrate yet another helpless victim hung out to dry. Illustrating that, as always, high-pressure deceit and corruption pay very well indeed.

Of course this is just one small example among many in the realm of “successful” marketing schemes. I guess the best measure of success is how many broken people you’ve left in your wake on the way to the top. Conveniently, there are no moral strings attached to the definition.

How is it that such blatant deception and fraud have become the accepted, no, glorified norms? Jesus! How is it that such things are even allowed? Not just allowed, but encouraged and rewarded? It’s disgusting.

What series of horribly unfortunate events had to take place to lead us to this?

We live in a terribly distorted reality where everything that makes sense is hatefully branded as reprehensible, and what seems painfully obvious (to anyone with any sense) as completely awful and illogical is aggressively deemed normal by the sheer fact that, because nearly everyone is crazy, the numbers write the “truth”.

The criminals get all the rewards, and the victims (everyone else, idiot minions included) get stripped, raped, and strangled. Eager acolytes of darkness drag their corpses off to pile them up in the town squares, for bankers, politicians, and religious leaders to use as stages for ritualistically defiling more innocents upon.

Does nobody notice what’s happening, or do people think that by pretending they’re not willing accomplices to evil, they’re somehow absolved of all wrongdoing?

Can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on?

Zombified slaves obediently collect sacrificial blood from mangled corpses in solid gold pails. Essential nectar for their earthly masters, to be used as unholy elixirs in a desperate bid to prolong mortality so the bidding of demon gods can be answered for years to come. It also staves off hell for a while.

It’s no mystery why so many people over of the ages have been manically desperate to find a cure for death.

Prolong your putrid lives for as long as possible, but you’ll never escape the inevitable. You may have deluded yourselves into believing you’re gods on earth, but you’re only pet monsters of the real beast, living as masters of the innocent until your master calls on you to honour deals made in exchange for your souls. You’ll realize when it’s far to late that it’ll never be worth it. Can’t back out now, though. You’re all fucked.

Have I mentioned that I was thinking of writing children’s books?

A pixie jumps out from behind corpse mountain, waves his magic wand… and sodomizes a headless body. No, wait, that’s not a pixie or a magic wand, it’s the founder and president of a wealthy financial organization, and he’s not wearing any pants.

Weeeeeee, the horses on the merry-go-round are turning into snakes and devouring the devout while birthday clowns climb tall things and start shooting into crowds.

Ummm… why is there Fentanyl in the cotton candy? Isn’t cotton candy bad enough on its own?

Yes, but cutting it with deadlier things increases the profit margin.

I fail to see how the dead are a reliable customer base, but you’re the professionals, so carry on.

This world is crazy

This circus is scary, can we please go home now, daddy?

We have no home, Junior, the bank stole it after cancer stole mommy. She got sick after eating engineered food from the grocery-store shelves. Food with less poison in it costs too much, but we knew the risks. The wrong choices were just so cheap, easy, and… well, convenient, so we made those. Now you have to eat the same shit because we truly can’t afford real grub.

How come we can’t afford real food?

Well, we have no money left because we spent every ruble on ineffectual treatments for mama, which, incidentally, stopped working the second our bank accounts dried up.

Now let’s just find a nice place for you to sleep, with the tweakers and the rats. I’ll brush aside the rustiest needles so you can lay your grubby little head down on this nice, cozy, concrete sewage cover and go to sleep. Forever if there’s any mercy in this world.

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